Dear clients, colleagues, friends,

I am grateful for the interest taken in the activities of Europe Tricot JSC. The company is created in 2001. Since then, we have met lots of difficulties, gone through different challenges, overcome numerous obstacles. However, we are satisfied with the results, with the fact that we daily manufacture knitwear, which people like and enjoy wearing; we are competitive and have a strong market position.
In order to achieve this competitiveness and the participation in international markets, we stake on constant technological renovation, bringing in innovations, development of human recourses, participation in Euro-projects and most importantly – correctness towards our partners and clients.
What we value the most in our manufacturing process is the quality of our goods. Therefore we use only materials of high quality, efficient technical equipment and well-trained personnel.
I hope that we become the opportunity to work in a calmer and more confident economical environment, to be braver in our initiatives, to invest more and never stop developing.
Bogomil Petkov – Chairman of Europe Tricot JSC

Quality of our goods

Europe Tricot JSC was established on 14th March 2001. Since its establishing the company has been specialising in the production of small orders series up to 2000 pcs from each model and quick deliveries to the final clients.
A basic role in the garment production is given to the quality. Quality control is carried out throughout the whole production cycle that includes knitting, confection, ironing, laundering, drying, dry cleaning and packing.
The company may use materials supplied by the clients (CMT) as well as materials of its own.

At the beginning our knitting department started production using knitting machines Universal MC 720. Nowadays the company is modernized and is using knitting machines Stoll 330TC. From the very beginning our specialists were trained by West European colleagues and today we can say that the management of “Europe Тricot” is based on the experience of prosperous western companies.


The ambition of the managing team is a garment production of perfect quality. The company is a reliable partner. Our company is preferred because:

A possibility

We have highly skilled specialists.
Complete cycle from elaboration to the finished garments.

Because we have large premises

We have the necessary equipment for difficult and high technological models production


We have a sampling department for elaboration of the models that are of high quality and complexity of the production


Possibility for creation of new models and prototypes production.
A production of high qualitative garments for short period of time.


Europe Tricot JSC has great perspectives, because we have large premises and a great infrastructure. We have the possibility for production enlargement and the willingness for a constant improvement and we are also always ready to face a new challenge.


Europe Tricot JSC works mainly with clients from European countries like Germany, Spain, France, England, Italy. Some of our basic clients are:

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