Europe Tricot JSC was established on 14th March 2001. Since its establishing the company has been specialising in the production of small orders series up to 2000 pcs from each model and quick deliveries to the final clients.
A basic role in the garment production is given to the quality. Quality control is carried out throughout the whole production cycle that includes knitting, confection, ironing, laundering, drying, dry cleaning and packing.
The company may use materials supplied by the clients (CMT) as well as materials of its own.

At the beginning our knitting department started production using knitting machines Universal MC 720. Nowadays the company is modernized and is using knitting machines Stoll 330TC. From the very beginning our specialists were trained by West European colleagues and today we can say that the management of “Europe Тricot” is based on the experience of prosperous western companies.

The confection department has over 100 machines:

  • • 65 pcs. Linking machines “COMPLETT 99” и “KMF”.15 pcs. Overlock machines “Union Special” ; “RIMOLDI”и “JUKI”
  • • 10 pcs. Sewing machines “JUKI”; “Duerkopp Adler”
  • • 2 pcs. Buttonhole machines “Brother”
  • • 2 pcs. Button machines “Duerkopp Adler”; “PFAFF”
  • •   4 pcs. OV machines “RIMOLDI”
  • •   2 pcs. Pont machines “PFAFF” “Brother”
  • •   2 pcs. Strobel machines “MAIER”
  • •   1 pcs. False linking machine “COMPLETT 99”

The ironing department is equipped with Italian ironing presses “OTELLO NEPI”. The company also has a special three – head ironing press and ironing presses that are equipped with a separate iron.
Europe Tricot JSC has 2 laundry machines, 2 drying machines and 1 dry cleaning machine.
The company has a completed technical cycle that includes projection, elaboration and finished knitted garment production.

Europe Tricot JSC has 130 workers and employees. The company has a high-specialized staff, programmers, textile engineers, technologists and specialized workers who can produce difficult garments.
The tradition to train good specialists, the organization in new articles of elaboration and prototypes, and the investments in modern machines are the main base for the company’s development. These premises combined with the ambition of the managing team makes “Europe Tricot” JSC a preferred partner in the upper knitwear production.